In three weeks, the number of U.S. employees working from home doubled from 31% to 62%. 

From mid-March to mid-April, the percentage of employees who said they would prefer to continue WFH—the new acronym for Work From Home—was over half. The range was between 53% and 62%, according to Gallup.

Working remotely is not new. As innovative technologies allowed the nature of some work to be done remotely, companies began to allow it. The pandemic jolted many employers from allowing it to encouraging it and even to requiring it.

The following are some straightforward suggestions that can help you make the transition if you work from home or anticipate doing so.

First, Dress for Work

Several studies have found that how we dress affects how we think, feel, and conduct ourselves. I would encourage you to experiment with getting up as you would if you were driving into your office. Dress as if you were going to spend the day on the job. After all, you are!

Second, Schedule Your Week

If you don’t have a schedule, it is too easy to fall into the habit of thinking you have lots of free time. You have no more time when you are working at home than when you are in the company office. Besides that, you have more temptations to do things other than work.

Third, Take Frequent Breaks

Our attention spans are relatively short. Working in blocks of 25 to 30-minutes with a five-minute break in between improves mental focus and creativity. When the break includes physical movement and stretching, the benefit is much greater.

Fourth, Drink Water and Eat Healthy Food

Staying hydrated is critical to optimal brain and body functioning. Ask your medical doctor how much water is appropriate for your body type. Diet also makes a difference. Eating foods high in sugar content will spike your blood sugar level. These sugar highs are short-lived. As your blood sugar level crashes, your mental processes seem to drag to a halt.

Fifth, Eliminate Distractions

If you don’t have a designated workplace at home, you will want to create one. The ideal location is one that takes you away from the disruptions in your house. Even more important, having a home office will help you and those who live with you make a mental distinction between your work life and the other parts of your life.

You can take many other steps to make your remote work more productive and satisfying. These are perfect places to begin. We will have more suggestions in the future.

Stay safe and courageous!


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