Personality and Psychological Testing

To speed the discovery of root causes for dysfunctional behavior in individuals and organizations of all types, we utilize an array of personality and psychological assessments. Our certified associates then extract insights from these testing tools and provide feedback to develop a course of action based on the leader or team’s personality, makeup and goals.

Our online assessments are designed to:

  • Provide greater self-awareness
  • Identify strengths and development needs
  • Provide career direction
  • Help set more meaningful goals
  • Reveal potential blind spots that are undercutting your career potential

We tailor classes and learning sessions to the specific needs of each client to ensure the most effective tools are being utilized.

Some of the tools we utilize include the following:

  • Birkman Method ® – The industry leader in personality assessments. It provides insight into how an individual handles interpersonal conflict, measuring underlying needs, motivations and organization orientation.
  • DISC ® – The DISC Profile gives a comprehensive overview of how people think, act and interact in terms of four primary patterns of behavior, and it predicts their likely responses in various situations. This widely used assessment has applications for individual development and team building.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI) – A proven personality assessment that measures preferences for extraversion or introversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. It provides a framework for driving positive change.
  • FIRO-B® – Reveals how an individual’s interpersonal needs shape interactions. It is often paired with the MBTI.
  • Hogan Assessments – Enables businesses to hire the right people, develop talented employees and build great leaders. For individuals, it maps personality and strengths to uncover potential career deterrents.
  • Patrick Lencioni’s Team Assessment – Addresses the five dysfunctions that make authentic teamwork elusive. It gives team members feedback on ways to improve as individuals and together as a team.
  • 360 Assessments – Various assessments are used to obtain feedback from peers, managers, clients, direct reports and other stakeholders.