Over the last few months, most of us have had more time on our hands.  That has been a good thing for many of us.

We have discovered that lots of the routine activities that fill our weeks are not necessary.

As many routines have fallen by the wayside, some of us have filled the time with more important activities.  Many of them fall under the heading of relationships.  Some children have experienced more quality time with their parents during these days.

Some of my clients tell me they have taken the time to get in touch with themselves.  Many leaders have had a chance to think deeply about why they do the work they do.   Other professionals, such as teachers, have reconnected with the passion and vision that drew them into their careers.

Of course, a dark side has also been at work in many households.  Tragically, domestic violence and child abuse have increased.  The opening up of society and interventions can not happen soon enough in those situations.

Some people have picked up destructive habits along the way.  If you have fallen into that trap, now is the time to stop and replace bad habits with healthy alternatives.

All of the time we have on our hands today will begin to disappear; in many states, it is already disappearing.  It is wonderful to contemplate a brighter, open future.

As that happens and life becomes busier, I invite you to cling with determination to what you have gained as you have slowed down and developed relationships.

One way to do that is to question what you begin to do or return to doing as you reengage.  

The question to ask yourself is, “Why?” In other words, why am I doing or starting to do these things?  Asking “why?” will help you make judgments and decisions about what you are contemplating doing and how you plan to go about doing it.

Three questions can help you to evaluate and revise your answers to “Why?”:

  1. Will my answers move me toward a valuable and noble end?
  2. Will my answers help me live up to my potential and bring out the best in me?
  3. Will my answers improve or harm the lives of the people around me, my work associates, and, especially, my family?

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