America is unique in the history of nations!

We are not unique in having a flawed story. Every nation is less than perfect, some tragically and cruelly so from caste systems that perpetuate an underclass to the tyranny of socialism that, by definition, must lead to some form of dictatorship.

Humanity has not and never will create a utopia on earth. God alone will achieve that. We only have to look inside our own hearts to know that is true.

Slavery is a reprehensible part of our story. What seems to be forgotten is that we are not unique in that respect. From humanity’s earliest history, slavery has stained the record.

If we were to purge that record, few people groups would be untouched. Whites have enslaved other whites and blacks. Blacks have enslaved other blacks and whites. I could go on to include every shade of the human race.

That does not justify our national sin, but it does serve to put it in perspective. We fought a civil war at the cost of tens of thousands of lives to seek to end the degradation of slavery. We are unique in that part of our story.

We are also unique in that we have a system that was created so it could self-correct over time. We have made amazing progress, but we have a very long way to go. We as a nation will always—as long as we endure—be a work in progress.

I suggest two things about that progress: First, I believe we should individually and collectively do all we can to produce equal justice before the law. That means having the courage to stand against every form of enslavement that harms the social contract.

Second, we must stand against all the insurrectionist forces that seek to bring to a speedy end the world’s best hope for social justice. That takes an equal measure of courage, along with mental clarity.

We are a great nation. We are the world’s best hope for freedom for all people.

Happy 4th of July, Independence Day!

Be safe and courageous,


This Fourth of July, I encourage you to take a few moments to read some of our nation’s founding documents. You can find them at the website of the National Archives:

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